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How to Find a Massage Therapist Who’s Right for You

So you want to enjoy a good massage – for the first time. Because you’re a newbie, you have to know that not all massages are created equal. Some kinds are more suited to you than the rest, but in the end, it boils down to your therapist.

Here are tips to help you choose the right massage therapist:

1. Identify your goals for getting a massage.

People want a massage for a whole range of reasons. For instance, they could be looking for relief after a sporting injury or to ease muscle tension. Maybe they need massage to hasten their recovery from an illness. Or it could be about stress management. Perhaps it’s all about seeking pleasure. No matter your reason, you have to know it because it will guide you in your search for a therapist who can actually meet your goal for getting a massage.

2. Where would you like to have the massage?

Once you know your reasons for getting a massage, you can think about where you should get it. Will it be your home, your office or a spa? Some therapists don’t offer home services, but some do. They or the places they work in will probably have their own websites, so do explore a few. If you have any particular questions, give them a call or email.

3. Do your homework.

Yes, this is certainly important because you can’t trust people or a service unless you know them. Pay attention to the manner in which they respond to your queries or concerns. Do they sound like they’re glad to help? Most importantly, ask them about their qualifications – education, certification, license, special modalities, typical clients (seniors, athletes, pregnant women, etc.).

4. Look for chemistry.

Besides the technical side of hiring a massage therapist, you also need to give the personal aspect a look. Besides, massage is very personal. You’re allowing another person – practically a stranger – to touch your body! Certainly, it has to be someone you’re comfortable with. Otherwise, the massage will be almost pointless because you can’t relax and enjoy it. If you wanted it solely for pleasure, then it becomes a waste of time and money. In addition, you should never have to tolerate a therapist who touches you where they shouldn’t.

You may think that searching for a good therapist is such a chore, but no, it isn’t. You do need some patience though because there’s no guarantee that you’ll get it right the first time. Which is you probably should start with a few referrals as your prospects. Friends, relatives, colleagues – they might be able to offer some names. But as your needs may not be the same as those of the others, you should still do your research.
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